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Outrage After San Francisco Professor Says “Whites Are Psychopaths” in California

Outrage After San Francisco Professor Says “Whites Are Psychopaths” in California

San Francisco, CA: During a recent event at the University of California San Francisco, a speaker made controversial statements that have caused widespread backlash.

With the increasing demands for censorship on college campuses due to controversial debates, experts highlighted the significance of universities’ neutrality, like UCSF, regarding protected free speech.

During a Black History Month event, author Dante King gave a lecture on his upcoming $1,295, 8-week course titled “Diagnosing Whiteness and Anti-Blackness: White Psychopathology, Collective Psychosis and Trauma in America.”

During his lecture, he also stated that white behavior is influenced by a biologically transmitted inclination rooted in their evolutionary history.

A video of the lecture reposted on X gained widespread attention, quickly reaching 2.2 million views, with critics labeling the lecturer as “racist” and “bigoted” for his comments.

The King’s address coincides with universities nationwide implementing a series of regulations to avoid causing emotional distress to students, particularly in light of the current Israel-Palestine conflict. Experts in free speech argue that the ability to express oneself freely, even when it is challenging, is crucial for fostering open dialogue and education.

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