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Only Male or Female on Arkansas Driving License; Authorities remove X for other gender choice

Only Male or Female on Arkansas Driving License; Authorities remove X for other gender choice

Little Rock, AR: An amendment to the Arkansas Driver’s License Act had eliminated the gender code ‘X.’

The Department of Finance and Administration stated Tuesday that the use of “X” to denote gender on driver’s licenses in Arkansas will no longer be allowed.

“This change announced today reflects a commonsense approach that ensures a license or ID issued by the State of Arkansas is based on objective, verifiable information,” said Department Secretary Jim Hudson. “All of our stakeholders in law enforcement, other government agencies, caregivers, schools, and businesses depend on DFA-issued licenses and IDs to keep our communities safe and to prevent fraud. The discontinued policy is not supported by Arkansas law and was never subject to public comment and review by the Arkansas Legislative Council, as required by the Administrative Procedures Act.”

Sanders, the governor of Arkansas, characterized the program as “common sense.”

“There are only two genders, men shouldn’t play women’s sports, and only women give birth,” Sanders stated. “As long as I’m governor, Arkansas state government will not endorse nonsense.”

The Department of Finance and Administration states that driver’s licenses with the gender “X” specified are valid until they expire.

“We will ensure that this new policy is applied with utmost respect towards all of our customers,” Hudson stated.

A statement condemning the policy was released by the Arkansas chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, “this proposed policy seeks to erase the existence of nonbinary and intersex Arkansans by denying them identity documents that reflect their true selves, forcing them into categories that do not represent their identities,” as presented in a statement to The Center Square by the ACLU.

Fifteen states, DC, and federal regulations on passports and other documents all agree that nonbinary and intersex people must be able to use a gender-neutral marker like ‘X,’ for their safety and recognition.

Using the term “commonsense approach” to describe this policy retreat is detrimental and deceptive. Such prejudiced, sexist, and outmoded views on gender identity serve only to further isolate and threaten the transgender community rather than to safeguard individuals.

The ACLU Executive Subcommittee meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, will discuss the rule.

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