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Online Romance Scammer Sentenced in Utah With $6.4 Million In Restitution

Online Romance Scammer Sentenced in Utah With $6.4 Million In Restitution

Salt Lake City, Utah: Nelly Idowu, a 39-year-old resident of Provo, Utah, has been sentenced to six years in prison, followed by three years of supervised release.

This comes after a federal jury convicted her of participating in a money laundering conspiracy and committing two counts of money laundering in connection with an online romance scam. Idowu is among four defendants who have been sentenced in a two-year scheme that resulted in victims losing over $6 million.

Based on the evidence presented during the trial, it was revealed that Idowu was involved in an online romance scheme between 2017 and 2019. This scheme entailed the creation of fraudulent online dating profiles to deceive and manipulate unsuspecting victims.

Idowu, along with her co-conspirators, deceived the victims by making them believe that the person they were interacting with had a pressing financial need, all of which turned out to be false. The majority of the victims were elderly women who were widowed or divorced.

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These major life transitions often happened in the later stages of life, after years of being used to the presence and assistance of a partner. Numerous individuals experienced substantial financial hardships during their last years, including the unfortunate loss of their entire life savings.

Emmanuel Osaigbovo Adesotu, Nnamdi Joel Chukwu, and Julius Omene Fredrick, who were codefendants, have all been convicted through guilty pleas for their involvement in a money laundering conspiracy.

Adesotu received a sentence of 36 months in prison, Fredrick received a sentence of 46 months in prison, and Chukwu received a sentence of 12 months in prison. The court has mandated that each defendant must collectively pay $6,444,787.16 in restitution to the victims.

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