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Oklahoma Police Sergeant in Hot Waters; Arrested after Kidnapping and Rape Charges

Oklahoma Police Sergeant in Hot Waters; Arrested after Kidnapping and Rape Charges

A police sergeant from Oklahoma City was taken into custody on Saturday in McClain County, facing multiple charges that include kidnapping and rape.

Reports indicate that Sgt. Ryan Stark of OKCPD was taken into custody in Blanchard for multiple serious charges, including domestic assault and battery, first-degree rape, threatening violence, kidnapping, use of a firearm during a felony, and interfering with an emergency telephone call.

According to a probable cause affidavit, obtained by a reliable source, Stark was allegedly in a relationship with the victim and picked her up at her home in his patrol unit before the two went to dinner. Following their meal, the two individuals engaged in a heated disagreement.

According to court records obtained by The Oklahoman, Stark allegedly brought the victim to his residence and detained her for a duration of eight hours. During this time, he subjected her to various forms of physical abuse, including choking, squeezing, spitting in her face, and placing gum in her hair. Additionally, he reportedly made repeated threats to end her life.

According to documents, Stark allegedly held the victim down, brandishing a gun and making violent threats.

According to court records, Stark then committed a heinous act against the victim. The victim endured physical harm, including bruises and a broken foot. According to the documents, Stark allegedly continued to apply pressure to the victim’s foot in order to cause further pain.

Sgt. Stark became widely known in 2014 when his K9 partner, Kye, tragically lost his life during a high-speed chase. Stark took action and neutralized the individual in question, a 22-year-old named Mark Salazar. After a thorough investigation by the District Attorney, Sgt. Stark was ultimately found innocent of all charges.

The circumstances leading up to Sgt. Stark’s arrest on Saturday remains unclear.

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