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Ohio Police Chief Removed from Position after Refusing Drug Test; Mayor Claimed He Smoked Marijuana in His Office

Ohio Police Chief Removed from Position after Refusing Drug Test; Mayor Claimed He Smoked Marijuana in His Office

An Ohio police chief has lost his job after he refused to take a drug test following allegations made by the mayor. The mayor claimed to have detected a strong odor of marijuana emanating from the chief’s office, stating that it was so potent that it could “knock you off your feet.”

The Police Chief of Miami Village, Harold Webb, was unanimously terminated by the Village Council on June 27, as stated in a letter from the mayor’s office obtained by Fox 19.

A controversy unfolded on June 20 when Mayor Jewell Hayes-Hensley alleged that Webb’s office had a strong odor while she and a council member were present to collect his daily logs.

“The first thing that came out of my mouth was who has been smoking weed in here,” the mayor of the tiny Butler County village wrote in the letter.

Prior to his termination, the village’s attorney personally delivered a letter to Webb’s residence on June 24th. The letter informed him that he had until 5 p.m. the next day to undergo a drug test, as requested by the mayor, or else face potential disciplinary measures.

The former police chief arrived at the testing site on June 25 but allegedly declined to provide a urine sample in the presence of a nurse as a witness, describing the entire experience as demeaning.

He promised to deliver his resignation letter later that day.

Webb, who had recently assumed the role of chief, stated that the scent originated from over 850 grams of marijuana flower confiscated during a raid in March. However, his explanation failed to convince anyone.

Despite Webb’s failure to submit his resignation letter, the New Miami Village Council unanimously voted to remove him from his position.

The small town’s mayor had previously made several accusations against Webb before alleging that his office had a strong smell of marijuana.

In a letter, Hayes-Hensley made serious allegations against Webb, including incidents involving hot dogs at a gas station, failure to respond to 911 calls, misuse of office, falsification of timesheets and daily logs, and knowingly cashing paychecks without providing proof of being at work.

“You know what you win,” Webb texted Hayes-Hensley after refusing to take the test. “This is the third time you have questioned my integrity.”

In March, the mayor took action against Webb by placing him on administrative leave without pay. This was in response to the inappropriate comments that were allowed on the department’s Facebook page. These comments, including some made by the former chief’s wife, were said to have called out the New Miami Village mayor, as reported by Fox 19.

According to Hayes-Hensley, offensive and explicit comments remained on the public page for an extended period before being removed.

In April, the village council decided to reinstate the chief after Webb’s lawyer, Jeff Gray, highlighted that his suspension had violated Ohio law due to procedural errors.

However, after being reinstated, additional complaints were made against him, including from certain village employees, as reported by the outlet.

The mayor has announced that Capt. Dan Bower will assume the role of acting police chief during the upcoming council meeting later this month as reported by The Post.

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