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Ohio Couple Arrested for Abusing 5 Adopted Boys; Victims Left Traumatized after Prolonged and Severe Abuse: Sheriff

Ohio Couple Arrested for Abusing 5 Adopted Boys; Victims Left Traumatized after Prolonged and Severe Abuse: Sheriff

A Clermont County couple is indicted on multiple charges for alleged abuse of adopted children.

The Clermont County Prosecutor, Mark Tekulve, has announced that both the mother, Matthew Robert Edmonson, and the father, Charles Robert Edmonson, have been indicted on five counts of child endangering. These charges are considered felonies in the third degree.

Allegations of severe mistreatment and abuse have been made against the couple, involving their five adopted children.

If found guilty of the charges, the couple could potentially be sentenced to a maximum of 18 years in prison, according to Tekulve.

The prosecutor stated that the five children, who are all related, were initially under the care of the couple as foster parents before being adopted.

Tekulve reported that the children had experienced various injuries, such as bruising, bleach burns, potential internal bleeding, and negligence, leading to multiple hospital visits.

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The prosecutor stated that the couple would provide explanations for the injuries sustained by the five boys, who, he claimed, were born with different medical conditions.

The prosecutor commended the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office for their diligent efforts to ensure the safety of the children, especially in light of the recently uncovered evidence.

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An investigation by a detective from the sheriff’s office led to the conviction of Charles Edmonson for his alleged involvement in sexual relations with an adopted son, who was an adult at the time. As per the prosecutor’s statement, it is believed that the child was groomed from a young age.

As a result of the arrest, the detective was able to retrieve videos documenting the abuse as reported by WLWT News.

The prosecutor described the videos as extremely disturbing, indicating that the children had endured consistent and severe abuse.

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