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NWS Issued Flood Watch in 4 California Counties up to Thursday

NWS Issued Flood Watch in 4 California Counties up to Thursday

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Watch for the entire Southwest California counties of Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo.

The notice, which is in place from late Tuesday night through late Thursday night, raises the possibility of flooding due to heavy rains.

Large-scale road flooding is one of the storm’s predicted effects, especially in low-lying areas, and creek and stream overflow is a possibility. Additionally, there’s a greater chance of flash flooding and debris flows, particularly in places where there have been recent wildfires, like Ventura County’s South Fire burn scar.

On canyon and mountain roads in particular, residents should be aware of the possibility of rock and mudslide activity, which could cause major delays and road closures. River and stream flow may increase to the point where swift water rescues are required.

The National Weather Service predicts that there will be spells of moderate to heavy rain and a possibility of thunderstorms with the approaching storm system.

For the majority of the forecast region, total rainfall predictions range from 2 to 4 inches, with 4 to 8 inches potentially falling on south-facing foothills and coastal slopes. 0.30 to 0.60 inches of rain per hour are anticipated, with isolated amounts as high as 1.00 inches per hour perhaps found close to thunderstorms and on south-facing slopes that are preferred.

NWS Issued Flood Watch in 4 California Counties up to Thursday

Locals are strongly encouraged to keep an eye on future forecasts and to stay vigilant for any potential flood warnings. Those who live in high-risk locations for floods should be ready to act if necessary. As the weather changes, it’s advisable to keep an eye on the most recent road conditions before leaving.

Cuyama Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Catalina and Santa Barbara Islands, San Luis Obispo County Beaches, San Luis Obispo County Inland Central Coast, and several other locations specified by the National Weather Service are among the impacted places.

The public is urged to adhere to the safety directives issued by local authorities and to be informed about the most recent advancements.

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