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Numbers Reveal the Texans’ Influx To California and Florida

Numbers Reveal the Texans’ Influx To California and Florida

U.S. Census Bureau revealed the data that shows the influx of Texans to the state of California. Also, Texas has the lowest outmigration rate with people moving only to Cali or Florida.

The reverse trend is also going strong, but the number of Texans leaving the state to move to California is the highest for any other state.

42,279 Texans relocated to California as per the data. The data also revealed that California residents are moving to other states in record numbers. Texas, Florida and New York are the top destinations for the movers.

This state-to-state moving pattern showed an increment from 18.8% to 19.9% from last year’s census report. The number of movers is staggering and the toll stands at 8.2 million for the year 2022.

The trend is followed by New Yorkers as their top destination is Florida with the total number of movers at 91,201 followed by New Jersey as the second-most relocation destination.

The District of Columbia has the highest outmigration rate with people preferring the neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia.

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