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North Carolina Man Killed and Buried 69-year-old Roommate in Backyard; Police found remains after Missing Complaint

North Carolina Man Killed and Buried 69-year-old Roommate in Backyard; Police found remains after Missing Complaint

Wilmington, NC: An accused murderer faces charges in North Carolina after he allegedly killed and buried a roommate at their residence.

After his roommate’s body was found “buried in a shallow grave” in his garden, officials in North Carolina charged a man with first-degree murder and failure to report a death.

New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Elvin Noel Baca was taken into custody on Wednesday. 69-year-old Lawrence Grabka, who was reported missing by a friend, was subsequently found dead after authorities “unearthed the tragic reality of a homicide,” as stated in a Facebook post by the department.

On Thursday, it was determined that Baca, 34, would be held without bond and he subsequently made an appearance in New Hanover County court.

His next court date is April 18. An attorney has been assigned to Baca by the court

While doing a welfare check at the North Carolina property where they initially met with Baca, police announced on social media that they discovered the body of the missing guy buried in a “shallow grave.”

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New Hanover County Detention Facility inmates are being held without bond after a suspect was apprehended by detectives who allegedly utilized “meticulous forensic work” to make the finding. To this day, Saturday, his status remains the same on the sheriff’s office website: “waiting for trial.”

In a statement, Sheriff Edward McMahon expressed his serious worry over the circumstances surrounding the case. He also said that his sympathies are with the victim’s loved ones during this terrible time and that obtaining justice for the victim is their goal.

Before Grabka’s body was discovered, a 911 caller informed authorities that he hadn’t answered his phone and that his door was unlocked, according to WECT.

He was “the sweetest man in the world” and “did not deserve” to die, according to Grabka’s friend Katherine Roush, who spoke to the outlet after his body was found.

Anyone would have wanted to strike up a conversation with him if they met him; he was that kind of guy. He seems like the kind of guy you’d like chatting with to learn more about. “He was simply a charming soul,” she chimed in.

Prior to Baca’s move-in, Roush was a roommate with Grabka.

“I forewarned him. She spoke about Grabka’s relationship with Baca as a roommate and how he was so kind that he didn’t want to throw him out. “I’ve been trying to persuade Larry for quite some time that he’s not right and that you have no idea what he’s capable of, so I think it would be best if we found someone else to rent the room.”

Aside from that, she informed WECT that she had seen Baca on “the night he probably did it.”

“Larry wasn’t picking up his phone,” she remembered. Thus, I dropped by and found Larry not to be home. He was seated in his vehicle, [Baca]. With a smile and an expression of love, he informed me that he hadn’t seen him. Yeah, the picture is stuck in my head.

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