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North Carolina Family found Dead in Missouri, Father Killed Wife and Son and then shot Himself in Kansas City

North Carolina Family found Dead in Missouri, Father Killed Wife and Son and then shot Himself in Kansas City

Kansas City, MO: A family from North Carolina was found dead in Kansas City. The authorities reveal the incident to be a double murder-suicide.

The murder-suicide of a prominent family in two different states is under investigation by police in Kansas City, Missouri.

On Monday, after 38-year-old Domonique A. McGeachy did not appear for work, the Kansas City police went to a residence to assess her well-being.

Inside, they discovered the bodies of McGeachy, her husband Jerel McGeachy, who was also 38 years old, and their son, Jerel McGeachy Jr., who was 12 years old.

The senior McGeachy allegedly murdered his wife and son before killing himself, according to the police. No reason was disclosed.

Both the North Carolina and Missouri communities held the McGeachys in high esteem. They had resided in the Fayetteville region of North Carolina before to relocating to Missouri. Even at an early age, Jerel became famous for his memorization of lectures given by Martin Luther King Jr.

According to the Fayetteville Observer, the North Carolina branch of the Knights of Pythagoras, a service group, named him Knight of the Year in 2020, when he was nine years old.

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Domonique McGeachy was quoted as saying, “There’s a lot he has us researching on a daily basis” while speaking to the press following his award. Positively, he’s always interested and inquisitive. What a unique child he is.

Even after the family relocated to Kansas City, Jerel kept performing and giving speeches.

While others would have lost their composure in the face of so many racist acts, Jerel, who was dressed in a suit coat, red bowtie, and handkerchief, praised the man’s “commitment to being non-violent” and his ability to remain calm under pressure.

The people who knew Jerel were profoundly affected by him. Congress Middle School principal Ryan Smith told NBC affiliate KSHB that Jerel could have skipped a grade since he was so intelligent. A future for Jerel was to serve as attorney general, he confided in his principal. In addition to being the school band’s trumpet player, he was scheduled to deliver a speech during the eighth-grade year-end celebration.

In an interview with the television network, Smith recalled emphasizing the importance of “sometimes just being a kid and enjoying playing in the mud and getting dirty” to the subject. But his preferred alternative was to visit the library and borrow a book, he said. His passing has broken my heart, but I will always be grateful for the wonderful times we had together.

Nursing for seven years, Domonique McGeachy served her country in the United States Army. She was highlighted as one of the pandemic heroes by Raleigh’s ABC station, WTVD.

The Fayetteville Observer’s 40 under 40 list for 2021 included Jerel McGeachy Sr. His claim to fame at the time was that he worked as a special education aide for kids at Fort Brag.

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