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No charges against NYC Subway shooter; ruled out as an act of self-defense

No charges against NYC Subway shooter; ruled out as an act of self-defense

New York City, NY: Prosecutors have decided not to press charges against the straphanger from Brooklyn who shot a crazed guy attacking him on a rush-hour train.

According to Oren Yaniv, a spokesperson for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, the shooting that occurred yesterday inside a packed subway vehicle was “shocking and profoundly disturbing” in an email.

“Despite the ongoing investigation into this tragic incident, we are unable to press criminal charges against the shooter at this stage due to evidence of self-defense.”

Younece Obuad, a 32-year-old father of two, was identified as Thursday’s gunman by law enforcement and a family. After questioning by officials on Friday, Obuad was released.

There was mayhem all around them when newly discovered film showed him sprawled face-down on the station stairs, with a police officer standing over him.

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Dajuan Robinson, 36, the tormentor, was shown lying bleeding on the subway vehicle floor in the footage, while another man shouts out, “Oh, my God!” over and over again.

According to the attorney of Daniel Penny, a former Marine facing charges in the chokehold murder of agitated passenger Jordan Neely in the Manhattan Subway, Friday’s decision to release Obuad is reasonable.

According to police and law-enforcement sources, the older man began a peculiar verbal attack on a stranger named Obuad on Thursday evening while Robinson was on the evening A train with a.380 Ruger and a knife.

Rumor has it that a woman with an Obuad stashed her own blade in Robinson’s back as the argument between the men escalated.

A violent outburst According to the police, Robinson then brandished his own knife, put it down swiftly, and then brandished his gun, which allegedly led to a scuffle between him and Obuad.

There were at least four gunshots fired during the altercation.

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Robinson was reportedly stabbed twice in the back, shot once in the neck and once in the chest, and hit twice in the right side of his face (including the eye), according to reports.

His sources indicated that he remained hospitalized in a critical condition.

Obuad works at a smoke shop. According to sources, he was taken into custody in East New York, Brooklyn, on February 20th, charged with narcotics dealing.

According to the complaint, the incident occurred when Obuad reportedly sold the opioid addiction treatment Subozone to an undercover officer. Subsequently, authorities discovered seven plastic wrappers carrying the narcotic in a fanny pack behind the smoke shop’s counter. He was let go with his own promise to pay.

Sources also indicated that he was the victim in most of the domestic incidents in which he was involved, although all of the information surrounding these occurrences have been sealed.

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