Nike’s Portland Store Will Get Renovation, Temporarily Shifting to Pioneer Place

Nike’s Portland Store Will Get Renovation, Temporarily Shifting to Pioneer Place

Portland, Oregon: On Friday, Nike announced that its Downtown Portland store will move to Pioneer Place Mall as the former place will be undergoing a renovation project early next year.

Pioneer Place Mall is located nearby hr the previous place so that the customers do not face any hardship locating the Nike Store.

The massive clothing and shoe company announced that it would be closing its Nike Portland location at 638 SW Fifth Ave. for an extended period to “renovate and enhance our store experience for consumers.”

It had been anticipated that Nike’s retail commitment to its hometown would decline, but the announcement reassures us that the space inside Pioneer Place is not as large as the approximately 26,000 square feet Nike currently occupies across the street.

According to a permit application that the Washington County-based business submitted to the city on Wednesday, it intends to develop a two-story building at Pioneer Place, which is situated at 700 S.W. Fifth Ave.

To construct a new storefront with fitting rooms, a stockroom, bathrooms, closets, a sitting room, a back-of-house area, and a breakroom, among other features, the proposal calls for tearing down walls.

The athletic giant has long considered having a retail location in Portland to be a source of convenience and pride. Nike officials claimed that the 1990 opening of the first NikeTown, at the intersection of Southwest Sixth Avenue and Salmon Street, “puts the company’s best foot forward.” At the time, a Nike executive referred to the area as a “research and development lab” in addition to a place to shop.

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