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New York Man Killed and Chopped Oklahoma Resident; Transitioned to Female During Trial; Now Gets 45 years of Jail

New York Man Killed and Chopped Oklahoma Resident; Transitioned to Female During Trial; Now Gets 45 years of Jail

Alex Ray Scott, 28, has been sentenced by U.S. District Judge John D. Russell to 540 months imprisonment, followed by five years of supervised release for Second Degree Murder in Indian Country.

U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson confirmed that Alex Scott has been sentenced for the murder and dismemberment of Robin Skocdopole.

In January 2020, Scott voluntarily entered a police precinct in New York City and confessed to being responsible for a separate incident of taking someone’s life, as stated in court documents.

The New York Police Department discovered Robin Skocdopole’s identification and credit cards in Scott’s possession. During an interview with law enforcement, Scott mentioned a previous residence in Broken Arrow and discussed living with the victim. Law enforcement made multiple unsuccessful attempts to contact Skocdopole.

In February 2020, the Broken Arrow Police Department conducted a search of Skocdopole’s residence and discovered that the house was completely devoid of any belongings. Multiple locations of blood spatter and a large pool of blood were discovered through forensic searches and the assistance of cadaver dogs. The blood was confirmed to belong to Skocdopole through DNA testing.

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Human remains were found in May 2020 on the edge of a creek in Broken Arrow. They have been positively identified as belonging to Skocdopole. According to the Medical Examiner’s report, it was found that two different saws were used during the dismemberment, with one of them being similar to a chainsaw.

As part of the investigation, it was discovered that Scott had been equipped with an ankle monitor in July 2019 while awaiting trial for an unrelated case in Tulsa County District Court. Skocdopole’s last sighting was in August 2019. At that time, Scott was staying in a room rented from the victim and informed others that Skocdopole had suddenly departed and relocated to Dallas for employment.

Acquaintances of the individual informed authorities that when they tried to contact him, they received ambiguous and strangely phrased replies. Scott eventually confessed to sending the email responses. Additional examination of Scott’s ankle monitor data revealed the locations he visited to dispose of the body parts. Scott’s ankle monitor data and bank history indicated that he had acquired and subsequently returned a chainsaw from a nearby retailer.

In May 2023, Scott willingly participated in an interview with the FBI. The speaker provided details about the events leading up to the tragic incident involving Skocdopole, including the subsequent dismemberment and disposal of the body. Scott has agreed to accompany the FBI to the last known location of Skocdopole’s head. Regrettably, despite Scott’s cooperation with the FBI, no further remains were discovered at the location.

Scott has pleaded not guilty in the ongoing case in New York.

Scott is affiliated with the Cherokee Nation. He will be held in custody until the New York case is resolved. Once the New York case concludes, Scott will be relocated to a U.S. Bureau of Prison facility.

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