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New York Father Arrested as He Tried to Drown His Kids in Connecticut Beach; Officers Heard Kids Yelling for Life

New York Father Arrested as He Tried to Drown His Kids in Connecticut Beach; Officers Heard Kids Yelling for Life

An officer apprehended a man after hearing intense screaming coming from the water, according to authorities.

A man from New York was taken into custody over the weekend for reportedly trying to drown his two children at a beach in Connecticut.

In a recent social media update, the West Haven Police Department shared an incident involving an officer who came across a parked Nissan SUV on a local beach. The officer reported hearing intense screaming coming from the water at approximately 2:31 a.m. local time.

Upon hearing the cries for help, the officer quickly spotted a man and two young children in the water. The man’s behavior escalated as the officer approached, as he started to distance himself from the children while shouting at the responding officers to keep their distance, according to the West Haven Police.

According to authorities, the individual involved in the incident was identified as Romney Desronvil, a 41-year-old resident of Queens. Police have stated that he was intentionally causing harm to his children by drowning them.

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“Officers swiftly entered the water and were already almost 100 yards away from shore at this point. Additional officers at the scene joined forces with the West Shore Fire Department and bravely entered the water using the West Shore Fire boat. The police department further stated that the initial officer successfully retrieved the children and, with the assistance of others, brought them safely to shore.

The children were immediately taken to a nearby hospital where the police administered life-saving measures.

According to PEOPLE, Police Chief Joseph Perno stated that Desronvil is anticipated to face charges of attempted murder and risk of injury. The incident is currently being investigated.

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“The department credited the quick response of our patrol officers for saving the lives of these children,” said the statement. “Thanks to the effective communication and collaboration between the West Shore Fire Department and later the New Haven Police Department, prompt medical assistance was provided and Desronvil was apprehended.”

During a news conference reported by CT Insider, West Haven Mayor Dorinda Borer expressed her appreciation for the courageous efforts of the officers in their response.

“These two children were incredibly fortunate this morning, as they had the unwavering support of officer Williamson and officer Miller,” she expressed, praising their exceptional efforts as nothing short of extraordinary.”

According to the New Haven Register, the mayor mentioned that there were positive signs of improvement in the children’s condition. Chief Perno also mentioned that both children were under 3 years old. According to reports, Perno mentioned that their mother was in New York when the alleged attempted drowning took place and arrived in New Haven by Saturday afternoon.

During the news conference, West Shore Fire Chief Stephen Scafariello mentioned that the firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics quickly began assisting the children upon their arrival. According to his account, it took 22 minutes for the children to receive care at the hospital after the dispatch.

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