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New York City Gang Leader Killed Woman who Testified Against His Subordinate; Guilty and Convicted: FEDS

New York City Gang Leader Killed Woman who Testified Against His Subordinate; Guilty and Convicted: FEDS

A leader of a street gang in Brooklyn has been found guilty of the murder of a government witness during a violent turf war in the East New York projects, according to authorities.

A statement from federal prosecutors reveals that Maliek Miller, the leader of the Ninedee Gang, played a role in the planning and ordering of the tragic killing of Shatavia Walls. This unfortunate incident occurred in July 2020, after Walls had testified against one of Miller’s associates who had previously shot her in 2017.

Miller has been charged with multiple offenses related to her death, including racketeering, conspiracy to commit murder in aid of racketeering, murder in aid of racketeering, and weapons and drug offenses.

Following a four-week trial in Brooklyn federal court, the jury has reached a verdict of guilty on all counts, as stated by the US Attorney’s Office. He is subject to a mandatory life sentence in prison.

According to US Attorney Breon Peace, today’s verdict is significant as it ensures that Miller is held responsible for his involvement in a plot to harm a woman who courageously confronted his Ninedee Gang. The verdict also upholds the rule of law for the residents of the Pink Houses, who simply desire to live their lives and raise their children without the constant threat of violence and danger posed by criminals like the defendant.

“The verdict brings closure to the case, offering a sense of justice to the family of Shatavia Walls.”

The shooting of Walls on the night of July 7, 2020 was a carefully orchestrated act by the Ninedee Gang, occurring just three days after Walls confronted them about their illegal fireworks in the Linden Boulevard housing complex.

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Amidst the altercation, Miller hurled the accusation of being an informant at Walls, while also discharging his firearm into the sky, according to prosecutors.

Soon after, Miller and other members of Ninedee started planning her downfall as per The Post.

The group already had a grudge against Walls, who testified in a Brooklyn federal case in 2019 about being shot by a member of the Loopy Gang, a housing complex crew with strong connections to the Ninedees.

She endured significant pressure during that period, as individuals associated with gangs distributed flyers throughout the complex, spreading the message that “Shatavia has been cooperating with authorities and continues to do so.”

According to court documents, Quintin Green, 23, and Joe Santana, 20, from the Ninedee gang, executed their plan three days after the Independence Day incident.

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The pair patiently waited at the Pink Houses throughout the afternoon and early evening of July 7, anticipating an opportunity to approach the unaware woman.

Walls exited a building in the complex around 9:25 p.m. At that moment, Green approached and began firing, according to federal authorities.

According to prosecutors, Green’s aim was far from accurate, as the bullet ended up hitting an innocent bystander instead of its intended target

Green quickly pursued Walls as he made a hasty retreat, relentlessly firing his weapon.

In a frantic rush, the unfortunate woman unknowingly ran straight towards Santana — who was a juvenile at the time. Prosecutors have stated that he also began shooting.

Finally, Green managed to catch up to Walls and fatally shot her behind one of the buildings on Linden Boulevard.

Later, a member of Ninedee named Shakur Bey, 27, disposed of the shooters’ clothing by throwing it down an incinerator chute, according to the US Attorney’s Office.

Kevin Wint, a gang member, rented a hotel room near John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens to provide a hiding place for the killers. Walls passed away after a 10-day battle.

Green, Santana, and Bey have admitted their guilt in connection with the murder and are currently awaiting their sentencing.

According to federal authorities, Wint, who admitted guilt in March 2023, has already received a prison sentence of over nine years for his involvement.

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