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New York City Chooses Immigrants Over Own Citizens; Mayor Says Migrant Influx Will Lead To People Sleeping in Streets

New York City Chooses Immigrants Over Own Citizens; Mayor Says Migrant Influx Will Lead To People Sleeping in Streets

According to Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams, the city is facing a shortage of space due to the large number of immigrants it has welcomed. He expressed concern that this could lead to a situation where people may have to resort to sleeping on the streets.

The mayor recognized the city’s long-standing tradition of being a melting pot of immigrants, while emphasizing the finite nature of the city’s resources. He also expressed concern about the burden placed on immigrants and New York residents who are dealing with the challenges of illegal immigration.

“We’re not simply stating that we’re running out of space,” Adams mentioned during the Fox Nation special The Sanctuary Trap. “Our space is completely filled, quite literally.” It is unfortunate that individuals may end up without a place to sleep.

When questioned about the measures to address the influx of immigrants into the city, Adams explained that he is unable to take action due to existing city laws. He also mentioned his frustration with the lack of assistance from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, even in cases involving immigrants who engage in “repeated criminal behavior.”

Nevertheless, the mayor is determined to legally contest the laws that mandate the city to provide shelter for immigrants. According to the mayor, the city has argued in court that these laws were not originally intended for migrants and asylum-seekers.

In December, Adams expressed his belief that major cities, including his own, should not bear the burden of addressing “national problems,” such as illegal immigration. His statement coincides with the fact that New York City, along with Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles, has been a favored destination for Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R-TX) transportation of immigrants across the country.

In recent developments, it has come to light that New York City has taken a significant step towards supporting immigrants by providing them with prepaid credit cards specifically designed for purchasing food. Under this program, a family of four will receive a monthly allowance of $1,000. Abbott strongly criticized the move, describing it as “insanity” and expressing his outrage at the situation in New York.

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