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New Jersey Teen arrested after more than Dozen Car Theft Connection across the State; Charged with 42 Offences

New Jersey Teen arrested after more than Dozen Car Theft Connection across the State; Charged with 42 Offences

Jersey City, NJ: Police in New Jersey have arrested a 13-year-old boy in connection with over a dozen automobile thefts or burglaries that occurred in the state over the course of approximately two weeks.

At approximately 8:30 p.m. on Monday, the unidentified Jersey City resident was apprehended subsequent to a woman reporting to law enforcement that she heard a loud commotion prior to observing her Hyundai being driven away from the vicinity of Islandview Court.

Later, when police arrived to investigate, they observed shattered window glass and an unoccupied Hyundai with its engine running on the street where the vehicle was parked.

Police reported that the side window of the second vehicle was also shattered, and the steering wheel seemed to have been altered as well. The automobile matched the description of a stolen vehicle that had been sought after by police since earlier in the day.

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The vehicle that had been stolen from Islandview Court was subsequently observed speeding in the vicinity; however, the driver attempted to flee when police arrived to intervene. Police reported that he abandoned the vehicle at a dead end street and fled through a courtyard after doing so. In a backyard, officers quickly apprehended him and put him into custody.

According to Bayonne Police, subsequent to an investigation, officers linked the suspect to a total of fourteen reported vehicle thefts that commenced on February 16. Hyundai or Kia automobiles comprised each of the stolen vehicles, and the suspect allegedly stole multiple vehicles on specific days.

A portion of the stolen vehicles had their side windows shattered, and others had their steering wheels altered.

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The adolescent is charged with 41 offenses in total, including larceny of a motor vehicle, burglary, criminal mischief, receiving stolen property, and resisting arrest. The attorney information for the 13-year-old suspect was ambiguous.

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