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New Jersey Teacher Groped 14-year-old Student in Hallway, Arrested after Incident caught on Tape

New Jersey Teacher Groped 14-year-old Student in Hallway, Arrested after Incident caught on Tape

The lawsuit centers on allegations that a teacher in New Jersey had inappropriate contact with a 14-year-old pupil in the school hallway.

A 14-year-old New Jersey girl’s parents are suing her female mentor and instructor, revealing disturbing new details about the alleged sexual encounters between the two. The girl’s parents claim that the mentor caressed her breasts in the school hallway and discussed sexual topics with her.

Locals in Marlboro, New Jersey, are irate over the allegations because, in their view, the school system and police department botched the investigation and moved too slowly.

According to documents submitted by the girl’s family on May 1 in the Monmouth County Superior Court, the special education language arts teacher Jenna Sciabica touched the girl on March 13 at Marlboro Memorial Middle School.

Following this, Sciabica “used both hands and began rubbing, probing,

According to the family, “and touching both of [the teen’s] breasts inappropriately” was the crime.

According to court documents, Jenna Sciabica was smiling broadly as this was happening, and the adolescent remained motionless with her hands clasped at her sides.

The girl “pulled them off her breasts,” then resisted Sciabica’s grasp and bolted down the corridor. Sciabica said at the girl, “Come back here, I want to feel and touch them again.” Another instructor who was there during the incident overheard her.

“Captured on camera in its entirety,” the document says of the attack.

In the formal complaint, the girl’s family stated that Sciabica “was already familiar” with the girl due to her over a year of experience educating the girl’s special needs younger brothers.

Teacher “would routinely and openly engage in sexually explicit and flirtatious conversations with female students at the school in her classroom and in front of other teachers,” according to the family.

The mother of the victim testified before the Marlboro Board of Education on April 16 that Sciabica is a “predator” during the public meeting. “The board failed to stop the horrible thing that happened down that hallway,” the mother said of the board’s decision.

One day after the meeting, over a month after the event, Marlboro officers charged the instructor with harassment, a misdemeanor.

Joining Sciabica in this week’s complaint are the school district, the school board, and the director of Marlboro.

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