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New Colorado Law Limits Firearms in Government Buildings; Mesa County Opts Out

New Colorado Law Limits Firearms in Government Buildings; Mesa County Opts Out

Governor Jared Polis recently signed SB24-131, a bill that enforces restrictions on carrying firearms in specific locations such as government buildings and their surrounding parking lots.

This bill recently took effect on July 1, excluding Mesa County.

Janet Rowland, a Mesa County Commissioner, shares her insights with Western Slope Surprisingly, Mesa County made the decision to opt out in late June, even before the bill had a chance to go into effect.

Several locations in downtown Grand Junction, including the Central Services building, the landfill, and the Clerk and Recorder’s Office, will maintain their policy of allowing both open and concealed carry.

Mesa County Commissioner Cody Davis states that the board made a decision without difficulty.

A local resident named Leeroy shares his insights with Western Slope Now he supports the county’s decision to opt out, considering that certain locations, such as the justice center and jail, continue to prohibit concealed or open carry.

However, there are differing opinions, such as Dan’s. According to him, individuals who possess firearms have the ability to intensify any type of conflict to a potentially fatal extent.

In a statement, Sara Spaulding, the Director of Communications for Grand Junction, announced that the City of Grand Junction will comply with state law starting on July 1, 2024.

Reference: Western Slope Now News.

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