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Nebraska Winter Storm Left Many Dead; Investigation Underway By State Patrol

Nebraska Winter Storm Left Many Dead; Investigation Underway By State Patrol

Lincoln, Nebraska: Last Friday was very rough for the Nebraska residents as a Winter Storm unleashed its fatal potential. Many died and several were injured following a multiple-car crash on Interstate 80.

State Patrol responded to a multiple-car crash on Interstate 80 near mile marker 184 at 02:10 pm. The same day witnessed a total of 14 crashes.

According to the preliminary investigation, a GMC Yukon was traveling west on I-80 when it lost control, crossed the median, and collided with a semi and an eastbound Honda SUV.

Lezter Juarez, 27, the driver of the GMC, and Janice Arriaga-Martinez, 25, the passenger, were ejected from the car. They were both from Lincoln. At the scene, both were declared dead.

All the Honda passengers sustained injuries and were taken to Great Plains Health.

Troopers responded to another crash at 05:45 pm when a Ford pickup headed west lost control and rolled over. The driver, identified as Joseph Dodson was pronounced dead at the hospital. Other passengers onboard sustained injuries.

“Usually, the first snowfall of the year, the first ice storm of the year is a quick reminder for drivers because we see an overabundance of accidents,” Sgt. Derek Horalek said. “Cause people aren’t used to the slick road conditions, and they’re not thinking about what could happen.”

The troopers also responded to 36 motorist assistance the same day. All the drivers are advised to keep some supplies with them in case they slip and need assistance. Also, buckle up and be gentle on the gas so as not to lose control over the vehicle.

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