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Nebraska Man Sentenced To Court After Receiving Blindness Benefits Despite Having Driving and Shooting Permit

Nebraska Man Sentenced To Court After Receiving Blindness Benefits Despite Having Driving and Shooting Permit

Steven M. Woodall, aged 64, from South Sioux City, Nebraska, was sentenced in federal court in Lincoln, Nebraska, on February 14, 2024, for the crime of stealing government monies, as stated by United States Attorney Susan Lehr.

Senior U.S. District Court Judge John M. Gerrard sentenced the man to four years of probation and ordered him to pay $50,540 in restitution, as stated by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Nebraska.

Woodall sought benefits from both the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Benefits Administration.

Woodall’s statements caused the authorities to classify him as 100% incapacitated because of legal blindness. Subsequently, he began receiving government benefits.

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Law enforcement agents discovered that Woodall possessed a Nebraska driver’s license while receiving disability benefits for blindness.

They also determined that Woodall obtained a concealed pistol carry permit throughout that period.

The permit necessitates the individual to have a level of vision equivalent to that needed for a driver’s license, and they must pass both a written and shooting test to prove their handgun accuracy.

The local police in South Sioux City, Nebraska, identified him as a witness to several incidents reported to the police during this period.

Additionally, agents observed the man walking and driving unassisted during the surveillance.

On August 13, 2020, the man underwent an eye checkup to assess his qualification for benefits. Agents observed him travel around 86 miles from his residence in South Sioux City, Nebraska, to the facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to get the eye exam.

Agents also observed his wife as a passenger. Woodall allegedly drove to the institution smoothly, exited his vehicle, and entered through the front entrance unassisted.

During his eye examination, Woodall mentioned that his blindness hindered his ability to drive.

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