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Nashville Teacher Arrested after Threatening to Shoot Kids and Employees at a Day Care Centre

Nashville Teacher Arrested after Threatening to Shoot Kids and Employees at a Day Care Centre

Nashville, TN: A preschool teacher has been charged for allegedly making threats to shoot students and employees at a Nashville Day Care Center.

According to officials, the daycare center was subjected to a lockdown earlier this week after authorities reported receiving complaints of a teacher making threats towards both students and another staff member.

Sheneca Cowart was apprehended by the Nashville Metro Police Department on April 18 for purportedly making threats towards a coworker at The Academy of McCrory Lane, as stated in a police press release.

Cowart, a 29-year-old individual, was apprehended by the Rapid School Safety Team at the preschool. According to witnesses, she allegedly made threats towards another instructor after a heated argument.

According to authorities, she also issued a threat to “retrieve a firearm.”

Cowart was accused of assault, threatening mass mayhem at a school, and carrying a weapon onto school premises. The officers also found a firearm in her purse.

According to authorities, cops found a second handgun in the driver’s side of her car.

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According to local source WSMV, investigators said that Cowart was allegedly heard making threats, such as, When I start shooting, you better run,” as reported by another teacher to the police.

According to the outlet, she also asserted that she had a firearm in her possession and made a threat to “fire” the daycare facility.

As per a police report acquired by WSMV, Cowart refuted the allegations and denied possessing a firearm. Nashville Metro Police have detained Cowart in county jail with a $37,000 bond.

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