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Mystery Surrounds Central Park Playground Death, Police Launch Probe

Mystery Surrounds Central Park Playground Death, Police Launch Probe

New York City: A dead body was discovered in a playground in Central Park on Monday. The police have started the investigation. The man appears to be in his mid 30’s according to the police.

The man was found dead inside Heckscher Playground near Central Park South and 62nd Street. The man was discovered at around 8:30 am.

The man had multiple slash or puncture wounds on his neck, chest, and stomach when investigated by the forensic department. The officials say that the man was unconscious and unresponsive when he was discovered.

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NYPD Assistant Chief Ruel Stephenson said, “At this point in the investigation we have not made a full determination as to cause of death until the autopsy. However, our preliminary theory and investigation indicates that his injuries could have been self-inflicted.”

The man was declared dead on the spot when the medical staff arrived. The deceased man was carrying a knife and it was discovered in his hoodie’s pocket with blood stains on it.

The authorities have not disclosed any further details about the man or the circumstances surrounding the incident.

NYPD has launched an investigation and witnesses are urged to come forward to the police. The police will look into the matter considering the possibilities of suicide as well as homicide.

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