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Murder of 3-year-old boy related to gang activity in Georgia; Police searching for definite link

Murder of 3-year-old boy related to gang activity in Georgia; Police searching for definite link

Athens, GA: Athens-Clarke County Police investigators executed warrants on numerous individuals they believe are members or affiliates of a local Athens gang in the hours after a fatal shooting that killed a 3-year-old kid in Athens on March 8.

Arrest warrants for Jayden Brown and Julian Cubillos, who are accused of killing 3-year-old Kyron Zarco, include a felony related to gang activity on the street.

This tragic shooting on Spring Valley Road at Hallmark Mobile Home Park is the most recent in a series of killings in Athens that have been linked to an apparent rivalry between two gangs.

Nonetheless, it is thought that this suspected gang violence has not yet resulted in the murder of an innocent person, as Kyron Zarco was.

Allegedly, the young men involved in the other four murders were either affiliated with or members of one of the warring gangs in this conflict.

The first is the “Everybody Eats” group, while the second is the “Red Tape Gang” (RTG). A local hybrid criminal street gang with ties to prominent national Bloods, including Sex Money Murder and the Rollin’ 20s—that is what the Georgia Attorney General’s Office called RTG. One may compare the EBE gang to RTG.

3-Year-Old Boy Shot Dead by Teens in Georgia; Police expedite their Search after 1 Teen Arrested

It is thought that rapper Ke’Travian Cole’s departure from RTG and his involvement in the formation of EBE sparked the animosity between the two gangs. In the music business, Cole was most often recognized as “EBE Montana.”

He was killed in a drive-by shooting on March 1, 2021, in Barrow County, on State Route 316. Even though this occurred in a different county, his hometown was Athens. Even the Athens-Clarke County Police cruisers can be seen in several of his music videos, which were shot in the city.

According to sources, the reason behind this conflict between RTG and EBE is thought to have been his murder.

A petrol station on Gaines School Road in Athens-Clarke County was the site of the murder of Alijah Nelson on October 21, 2022. Rapper “RTG Menaxe,” whose name means “Menace” in English, was another one of his many talents. A lot of people that are connected to the Bloods will swap the “c” for a “x.”

According to sources, the EBE gang did indeed pull up and open fire. However, the man actually found guilty and sentenced to 30 years, with the first 18 to be served in prison, was Jeffery Rice, an Athens resident and member of the RTG.

The Five Points neighborhood in Athens, where the University of Georgia is located, is home to many college students and was the site of the shooting death of 19-year-old Ja’Vanni McDavid on March 5, 2023. He passed just a few days after that. Those responsible for the shooting were associated with EBE, according to sources, and he was allegedly an RTG member.

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