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Multi-Vehicle Crash on US 52 Sends 3 to Hospital

Multi-Vehicle Crash on US 52 Sends 3 to Hospital

Lawrence County, Ohio: Three people were hospitalized following a crash on Wednesday night close to the bridges leading into Ashland, Kentucky. The crash caused traffic jams on U.S. 52.

The 911 responders said that the crash was closing westbound lanes and causing traffic problems between Crabtree Hollow Road and the bridges.

The accident happened at around 5 p.m., and many vehicles were involved in the crash. The exact number of vehicles involved in the collision is not known yet.

Three people were reportedly taken to the hospital by the emergency responders. The victims’ identities are not made public.

The debris after the accident has been removed by the authorities, and the traffic is moving smoothly.

The authorities have urged eyewitnesses to come forward and inform the police about the accident.

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