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MS-13 Gang Leader Sentenced to Life Imprisonment on Several Charges: DOJ

MS-13 Gang Leader Sentenced to Life Imprisonment on Several Charges: DOJ

According to the US Department of Justice, the head of the MS-13 street gang’s San Francisco faction has been found guilty of murder and racketeering and given a life sentence.

Elmer “Gordo” Rodriguez was convicted on June 1, 2023, following a three-week jury trial. The Chief U.S. District Judge, Honorable Richard Seeborg, delivered his sentencing on Tuesday.

Charges against Rodriguez that resulted in his conviction included:

  • Conspiracy of racketeering.
  • Two murder charges related to racketeering.
  • One count of attempting to kill someone to further racketeering.
  • One count of advancing a violent crime by brandishing a firearm.

The trial’s evidence showed that on March 17, 2017, Rodriguez gave the order to kill Jorge Martinez in the vicinity of 19th and Mission Streets. Martinez was enjoying his birthday, according to the DOJ, after going to a Golden State Warriors game with his son.

He headed to a pub in the Mission District after the game. Rodriguez and other MS-13 members were there and identified Martinez as a likely rival Norteño gang member. He gave the order to Martinez’s murder by another MS-13 member. After Martinez left the bar, the gang member shot and killed him.

Additional proof revealed that on May 25, 2017, Rodriguez gave the order to kill Giovanni “P Wee” Alvarez.

According to the DOJ, this investigation has resulted in the conviction of 17 individuals in all. As a result, there have been convictions for four murders, four attempted murders, and several violent assaults with lethal weapons.

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