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Mother Working in Probation Dept. Assisted Son in Evading Arrest; Also Shared Confidential Details

Mother Working in Probation Dept. Assisted Son in Evading Arrest; Also Shared Confidential Details

San Diego, California: On Wednesday morning, a mother showed up in court to answer allegations that she had assisted her son in eluding an arrest for murder. The woman is named Carla White and is from El Cajon. The shocking part of the whole part is that the woman is an employee at the San Diego County Probation Department.

Prosecutors claim that on November 13, 2023, Hunter White shot Javier Medina in El Cajon on East Bradley Avenue. Two days later, in the hospital, Medina passed away.

Carla White, Hunter’s mother, allegedly drove to the shooting scene and assisted her son in getting away, according to San Diego County prosecutors. They claim she gave him the order to hide under a parasol in the rear seat. She could face a felony charge of accessory after the fact for that, according to the prosecution.

Prosecutors claim that in the days that followed, Carla told her son that the police were looking for him. She also shared a confidential “be-on-the-lookout poster” with her son to escape the arrest. They claim that she was prohibited from sharing information with him that she was privy to while working for San Diego County.

Hunter White was arrested on November 16 after running away from the police for about 3 days. Police also arrested Kristian Wolf, a third suspect, in relation to the murder. He entered a not-guilty plea.

Prosecutors claim Carla can receive a maximum term of six months for disclosing the private information and an additional three years for the accessory-after-the-fact allegation if found guilty. Both she and her son entered not-guilty pleas.

Notwithstanding Garrison’s repeated insistence that Hunter White is the main suspect of the two men charged with murder, prosecutors have not yet provided an explanation for the fatal shooting or disclosed any connections between the suspected victim and the suspects.

The next hearing is scheduled in late February and Carla, Wolf, and Hunter will appear in the court.

On behalf of the citizens, Drew Garrison is the attorney handling the case. He works in the gang prosecution division as a deputy district attorney for San Diego County.

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