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Mother Stabbed Little Son more than 16 Times all over the body in Washington

Mother Stabbed Little Son more than 16 Times all over the body in Washington

Everett, WA: The authorities in Washington have arrested a mother who killed her son after stabbing him more than 16 times all over the body.

Court records show that the mother of a murdered boy lied to authorities and stabbed her son sixteen times.

Murder in the first and second degree, along with assault on a child, are among the charges against 27-year-old Janet Garcia.

According to the police, Garcia murdered her son Ariel with a sharp weapon before attempting to flee south.

According to court records, the homeowners discovered a significant amount of blood on the floor of the flat where Janet and Ariel were residing, prompting the original call to the police.

Blood had leaked into the carpet padding and onto the subflooring when the police arrived at the flat and removed the carpeting, causing them to suspect that a significant injury had happened.

Mother Killed her Own Toddler Son in Washington; Faces Charges after Kid’s body found along Expressway

Authorities have stated that Ariel’s grandmother obtained emergency custody of him in the days leading up to his disappearance.

Janet mentioned that Ariel fell and that he took him to the hospital in a text message chat with another woman.

Janet was called by the police while she was staying in a group home in Ridgefield, as it was later discovered.

According to the court records, Janet’s account contained numerous contradictions; for example, she initially said that Ariel had fallen from his bed, but ultimately stated that he had jumped and fallen.

Court documents state that Janet informed authorities that she attempted to have Ariel admitted to two hospitals before abandoning him at a friend’s house, the exact location of which she could not recall.

According to the police, Janet had what seemed like bloodstains on her clothing, including spots on her shirt and tiny droplet traces on her shoes.

By following Janet’s phone signal, the FBI was able to locate a region close to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, which is located south of I-5 and north of 47th Avenue SW.

Agents eventually found Ariel’s lifeless body in the vicinity, shrouded in a blanket. According to the police, he suffered a cluster of wounds to his upper back and about sixteen sharp-force wounds to the front of his body.

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