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Mother Shared Photos of Son, From Bodybuilder to Struggling Addict. Now Living Sober Life

Mother Shared Photos of Son, From Bodybuilder to Struggling Addict. Now Living  Sober Life

Bodybuilder Cody Bishop’s life was shattered by his heroin and meth addiction, which resulted in his mother, who was growing more and more terrified, posting frantic online cries for assistance. Photographs of Cody at age 26 show him smiling and in good health; however, a photo taken barely seven months later depicts him living on the streets with body sores. Cody has now made a remarkable and resolute recovery.

Her mother, Jennifer Salfen-Tracy, said in a post in 2019, “Face of heroin and meth. These pictures were taken seven months apart. That is how fast someone is affected. Cody is still homeless in Las Vegas and I have not heard from him in weeks now. Hearing how bad he is doing is hard but not hearing at all is worse.”

To raise awareness of the problems with drug abuse, Jennifer uploaded the images. Thankfully, Cody eventually checked himself into rehab, according to Jennifer’s January 2022 update. His mother said that she had no idea that the post would cause him to seek help and become sober today.

“The road has not been easy for him or all of us involved but I could never be more thankful for having my son alive and sober today. For all those that I have never met who have prayed daily and/or helped in any way, I could never thank you enough! Today, Cody is sober, working full time, and has a relationship with his family and his daughters! God is so good and we are all so blessed. Thank you to everyone! I have my son back, my kids have their brother back and my Granddaughters have their Daddy!”

Cody’s development is evident because he has also posted pictures to his personal Facebook page. He confirmed his sobriety as recently as October.

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