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Mother Beat Twins with Belt in Las Vegas; One of them Died and Mom Threw Dead Body in Trash and later Called 911 saying She Could Not Find Her Baby: Arrested and Charged

Mother Beat Twins with Belt in Las Vegas; One of them Died and Mom Threw Dead Body in Trash and later Called 911 saying She Could Not Find Her Baby: Arrested and Charged

A mother allegedly beat the child to death and then pushed his lifeless body in a stroller alongside his siblings, before disposing of him in a dumpster.

According to documents, it is believed that Jacoby Robinson Jr. passed away on Thursday, after which his mother, Diaja Smith, 23, allegedly disposed of his body in a dumpster near Lewis Avenue and 15th Street.

Smith was apprehended by the police on Friday for the serious offense of open murder. In addition, she is accused of committing child abuse that caused significant physical harm.

Jacoby’s father, Jacoby Robinson Sr., 24, was initially charged with child abuse. However, on Monday, his charges were upgraded to include open murder.

According to documents, Smith reported Jacoby missing from a park near Charleston Boulevard and 15th Street on June 6 around 8:30 p.m. During that period, officers initiated a search for the child, suspecting his disappearance. Smith was accompanied by her two other children, including an infant and Jacoby’s twin brother, during that time.

According to authorities, Smith’s custody of her children was revoked two years ago. She regained custody once more in May. According to Smith, she had not seen Jacoby Robinson Sr. in over a year and a half. Robinson informed the police that he was homeless, while Smith graciously granted him access to her apartment.

Shortly after 11 p.m. on Thursday, officers conducted an interview with Smith in their efforts to locate the boy. According to documents, Smith informed the police that she departed from her residence and brought her three children, including Jacoby, on a bus trip to the park. Authorities managed to secure footage from the incident, but unfortunately, Smith was not found in any of the videos, according to the police.

As per the police, Smith mentioned that she temporarily lost track of Jacoby while attending to another child’s diaper change, as stated in the documents. After half an hour, she made her way to a convenience store and contacted the authorities.

Authorities discovered Jacoby’s body inside the dumper shortly before 1 a.m. on Friday, according to their statement. According to documents, the police reported that the boy’s body displayed noticeable physical injuries to his head, torso, and buttocks.

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Another child, who is Jacoby’s twin, also suffered severe injuries, including a brain bleed. According to authorities, the child’s condition was deemed critical when the parents were taken into custody. Another child has been placed in the custody of CPS.

Mother Beat Twins with Belt in Las Vegas; One of them Died and Mom Threw Dead Body in Trash and later Called 911 saying She Could Not Find Her Baby Arrested and Charged (2)
Jacoby Robinson Jr. (KLAS)

During their investigation, detectives analyzed video surveillance footage from around 8 p.m. at Smith’s apartment complex. The footage revealed Smith holding one child while pushing a stroller with two children, including Jacoby. According to the police report, it was observed that Jacoby was motionless in the video, leading investigators to believe that he may have already passed away.

According to documents, Robinson entered the apartment through a window while the police were getting ready to search Smith’s place. The police apprehended him due to an outstanding warrant related to a charge of battery domestic violence, which does not allow for bail.

According to documents, it is believed that Smith used a belt and power cords to assault the twins. According to documents, Smith refuted any allegations of harming the children and claimed that Jacoby had experienced a seizure the day prior to his unfortunate passing. In the video, she mentioned that Jacoby was no longer alive while in the stroller.

According to documents, Robinson informed the police that he had previously witnessed Smith mistreating one of their children. According to Robinson’s statement to the police, Smith is accused of using a belt to harm Jacoby on the day of his death.

According to the police, matches were discovered in the stroller, indicating that Smith may have considered burning her son’s body as per 8NewsNow.

Both Robinson and Smith have been ordered to be held without bail by a judge. Both individuals were set to make another court appearance on Tuesday. The status of the other children remains uncertain as of Monday.

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