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More Severed body parts discovered in New York Gruesome Murder case in New York

More Severed body parts discovered in New York Gruesome Murder case in New York

New York: Two individuals have been arrested in relation to the gruesome findings of two dismembered bodies in Long Island, New York last week. Additional body parts belonging to the victims were located on Tuesday.

According to police sources mentioned by Fox 5 New York and the New York Post, two individuals were arrested Friday night following the discovery of body parts, including two decapitated heads, in Southards Pond Park in Babylon. The initial finding was made on Thursday by a girl while she was heading to school.

Law enforcement sources informed The Post that arrests were conducted at a residence on Railroad Avenue in Amityville, New York on Monday. Police were still investigating the premises on Tuesday afternoon. The suspects’ identities and the charges they face have not been made public.

The Suffolk County Police Department spokesperson declined to verify the arrests to Fox News Digital but mentioned that a search warrant was executed at 25 Railroad Ave. in Amityville yesterday. No human remains were found on the site during the search.

The police agency informed Fox News Digital that further human remains were discovered on Tuesday.

Body parts were found in a forested area at 103 Lakeway Drive in West Babylon, and remains were also found at Bethpage State Park.

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Police think that the remains found in both West Babylon and Bethpage are from the same victims discovered on February 29.

The female victim, aged 59, is not being identified until her next of kin is notified. Police have provisionally identified the individual as 53 years old at the time of his death.

The sequence of horrifying findings commenced on Thursday morning when a young girl found a severed arm on the east side of Southards Pond Park while on her way to school.

A police search ensued, resulting in the discovery of other body parts, including a right arm and a leg identified as belonging to the individual.

Police discovered a woman’s decapitated head, leg, and arm in New York, while the New York Post said that a man’s severed skull was also found. Authorities did not disclose the specific body pieces discovered today.

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Last month, 31 individuals linked to a faction of the infamous Bloods street gang were accused in a 103-count indictment for intimidating Long Island residents through robberies and shootings. This included the fatal shooting of a schoolteacher whose car was mistakenly identified as belonging to a rival gang member.

It is uncertain if Thursday’s discovery is connected to gang activity in the vicinity.

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