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Mongols Gang Member allegations refuted by San Bernardino Sheriff’s Deputy after his Arrest in California

Mongols Gang Member allegations refuted by San Bernardino Sheriff’s Deputy after his Arrest in California

San Bernardino, CA: Christopher Bingham, a veteran sheriff’s deputy for San Bernardino County, stated in an interview at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga that he does not affiliate with the Mongols, an international criminal motorcycle organization.

The adult male from Twentynine Palms pled not guilty to ten felony charges at his arraignment in San Bernardino Superior Court on Tuesday, April 9. The charges included possession of a short-barreled AR-15 assault rifle, grand theft of a Remington 870 shotgun allegedly stolen from the Sheriff’s Department, two projectile explosive devices, and four gun silencers.

He is currently detained on $240,000 bail and will appear on April 18 for a preliminary hearing as per The Sun.

He will appear in court to use his right to a preliminary hearing within ten days of his arraignment. In the course of these proceedings, the judge considers whether the case warrants trial by calling witnesses and presenting evidence.

Gang enhancement is a component of each felony allegation levied against Bingham. This enhancement alleges that the crimes he committed were “in association with, for the benefit of, and at the direction of a criminal street gang,” which in this instance is the Mongols Prohibited Motorcycle Gang.”

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Investigators seized a fully patched Mongols vest, known as a “cut,” from Bingham’s bedroom during a March 23 raid, according to a search warrant affidavit obtained by the Southern California News Group. The vest featured a 1% patch bearing the acronym “MFFM,” which represents “Mongols Forever Forever Mongols.” Additionally, the residence was adorned with Mongols stickers and other forms of insignia.

When questioned regarding the Mongols’ merchandise that was confiscated from his residence during the raid and subsequently discovered on his person on the same day, he mentioned a pendant bearing a black letter “M” that was affixed to a chain around his neck.

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