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Moms of Truth Abused their Kids in their Lavish Desert Mansion as documented in Personal Diary

Moms of Truth Abused their Kids in their Lavish Desert Mansion as documented in Personal Diary

Salt Lake City, UT: Authorities have now made public a diary that Ruby Franke maintained detailing the horrific mistreatment she subjected to her youngest two children. The contents include her starving them for days on end, striking them, and making them stand in the scorching sun for hours on end. In a press release, the authorities claimed that the abuse was driven by “religious extremism,” as Ruby repeatedly brought up the idea that her children were possessed.

After Franke and her podcasting partner Jodi Hildebrandt were both sentenced to 30 years in jail, the Washington County Attorney published the diary and a mountain of other information pertaining to their case. They were both found guilty on several charges of severe child abuse.

Keeping her son, who was twelve years old, and daughter, who was nine years old, in what prosecutors referred to as “work-camp like” conditions in Hildebrandt’s home in Ivins, Utah, was Franke, a mother of eight whose parenting YouTube channel previously had millions of members. Franke details the ordeal her children endured in great detail in her diary.

The writings in her journal span the dates July 9, 2023, to August 27, 2023. Just three days prior to her arrest, her son had fled the house and gone to a neighbor’s house. The neighbor, upon witnessing the boy’s “emaciated” physique, alerted the police.

Franke writes in her journal that she shaved her daughter’s head multiple times because she was so upset and wailing. The youngster, whose identity is censored in the diary but is known as “E” in the original, was once denied food for three days because Franke claimed her daughter was being “manipulative.”

According to Franke, E started chanting after three days of being denied nourishment.

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The girl described her mother’s practice of starving her as “fasting” in the diary. “My mom will not even get out of bed to get me food; she spends her days eating brownies.”

Additionally, Franke would refuse to give R any food, even going so far as to say to her son, “I will not feed a demon,” as documented in her journal. The kids were drenched, kept outside, and made to carry heavy boxes, among other things.

During this time, Franke appeared to hold a firm conviction that her children were under the devil’s influence and that she was guiding them toward repentance. She glared at her son, “R,” and said, “Get out now!” Get going!

Prior to his August escape, R had attempted to flee in July, during a night when he was compelled to sleep on the patio. A message was scribbled out of pebbles by him and left for his mother and Hildebrandt, reading, “Jail will call when I get there.” Franke discovered the 12-year-old later that evening.

Franke had previously stated that R had expressed his desire for a “air-conditioned car ride to juvie,” but she had disregarded his claim that he belonged in prison.

According to Franke, Hildebrandt made multiple trips to Arizona that month in search of land. She revealed that the family therapist who hosts her podcast plans to sell her home and purchase a larger piece of land. In addition, Franke said that she wanted to create a ranch so the kids might have more “good” hard work to accomplish.

Franke also describes an event where she took her children to a Native American cemetery and had them collect weeds and broken glass before a woman forbade them from remaining because they were trespassing. After R had an outburst, Franke said she once kicked him while wearing boots.

According to camera footage released by officials, R begged the man who opened the door to accompany him to the police station as he fled to the neighbor’s house. He claimed responsibility for what had transpired.

E was “petrified” when police discovered her in a closet during a search of Hildebrandt’s home. She remained on the floor for over four hours until first responders managed to talk her into coming out.

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