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Mom Tried to Kill Man who Sexually Assaulted her Daughter but Killed Someone else in Georgia

Mom Tried to Kill Man who Sexually Assaulted her Daughter but Killed Someone else in Georgia

Atlanta, GA: According to officials, a mother from Georgia was found guilty of murder and other crimes after accidentally killing someone else in a violent fight she started, even though she was suspected of wanting to kill her daughter’s alleged sexual abuser.

The DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office released a statement on Friday announcing that 42-year-old Danyale Harris was found guilty on all counts in a jury trial that began on March 22. The charges stem from an incident that occurred in 2020 and include felony murder, aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Harris reportedly saw video footage of her little daughter being assaulted by a 22-year-old guy named Antonio Harley on March 31, 2020, according to authorities. “Taking the law into her own hands” was Harris’s subsequent attempt, according to the press release.

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At about 3:30 in the am the following day, she informed a Dekalb County police officer with the information, who assured her that detectives would contact her again. The officer “warned her not to let her anger get the best of her and not to try to get revenge,” according to the release.

Hours later, however, Harris was allegedly seen by investigators leading a sizable gathering to an apartment building to confront Harley. Prosecutors stated that Harris and three of her companions were carrying firearms.

The police said that Harris instructed her daughter to indicate Harley’s flat. Then, with the others trailing behind, Harris pounded on the door. According to the prosecution, Harley did not unlock the door but rather came around the side of the apartment building to see who was inside. At that point, Harris and the others pursued Harley, who had retreated to his flat via the rear entrance.

“As soon as Harley shut the door, someone in the group outside opened fire, striking Harley in the chest,” prosecutors stated in the announcement. “Harley’s younger siblings—five of them—were within the apartment at the time, and their brother, who was inside, fired back to defend themselves and them.”

Authorities reported that Juan Newkirk, a 19-year-old who had accompanied Harris to the apartment complex, was shot and died in the incident.

Harris was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole plus five years after his conviction, according to prosecutors.

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Although their identities were withheld from the press release, two additional individuals who were allegedly involved in the altercation were additionally indicted by the prosecution.

According to the press statement, Harley was also facing charges of sexual exploitation of children, child molestation, and statutory rape. His case is still pending, according to prosecutors. Whether he has pleaded guilty or appointed a lawyer to represent him is unknown.

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