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Mom of 4 Found Hanging at a Dock in Texas; Dead Body was Hanged in a Specific Position: Authorities Revealed

Mom of 4 Found Hanging at a Dock in Texas; Dead Body was Hanged in a Specific Position: Authorities Revealed

Authorities are investigating the death of a woman found hanging at a Texas marina as a possible homicide. Police became suspicious of the body’s positioning, leading them to launch an investigation.

A woman was discovered hanging by a rope off a League City dock on May 31. Local news station KPRC has identified her as Giselle Salazar, a 30-year-old mother of four.

According to the League City Police Department, when Salazar’s body was found, one of her arms was positioned upright without any support. Investigators suspect that her body was moved to a different location before being placed at the dock, as her arm had stiffened due to rigor mortis.

As reported by KTRK, Salazar had been residing with her boyfriend on his boat, which had been moored at the Wharf Marina since March. According to the individual, they were questioned multiple times by the authorities after Salazar’s passing, but they maintained their innocence and denied any involvement in her death.

“I would never harm Giselle,” he said to KTRK.

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The boyfriend claimed that he had seen Salazar leaving the boat to use the bathroom shortly before she was discovered deceased. According to him, when he couldn’t find her in the bathrooms, he presumed she had left for a few days.

According to him, he was only informed about Salazar’s death after the police found her body. According to him, the surveillance cameras stopped working before Salazar was found. One camera went missing, and the other was deliberately turned away according to HuffPost.

As part of their investigation, police have been diligently reviewing nearly 2,000 security video clips of varying lengths.

Nathan Paz, Salazar’s brother, described her as an incredibly charismatic individual, leaving a lasting impression on everyone she encountered.

My mother is going through a very difficult period. According to him, she is making an effort to maintain stability.

Paz mentioned that Salazar had previously resided in Colorado, but decided to leave the state because of an unhealthy relationship.

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