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Mom Dismembered Daughter and Store Charred Remains in Closet in Colorado; Sent to Jail for Heinous Killing

Mom Dismembered Daughter and Store Charred Remains in Closet in Colorado; Sent to Jail for Heinous Killing

Aurora, CO: A mother has received a lengthy prison sentence of 84 years for the tragic murder of her 5-year-old daughter, according to authorities in Colorado.

Alexus Tanielle Nelson, aged 28, has pleaded guilty to three serious charges, including second-degree murder, tampering with a deceased body, and attempting to influence a public servant, according to a press release.

Nelson faced charges related to the tragic loss of her daughter, Maha Li Hobbs.

A tragic discovery was made in Nelson’s apartment on S. Elkhart Street when the charred remains of a child were found. The Aurora Police Department had responded to a welfare check, leading to this heartbreaking incident.

Authorities were called to visit Nelson’s home after his mother expressed concern about his recent statements and his grandmother reported not seeing or hearing from him for about 3 weeks.

Upon the arrival of authorities at Nelson’s residence for the welfare check, the mother asserted that she had made the decision to place her child up for adoption.

However, authorities were unable to find any evidence of contact or a case file with the adoption agency mentioned by Nelson, according to the release.

Officials returned to Nelson’s home, where a detective detected a strong odor emanating from a utility closet door on the apartment’s patio, reminiscent of decaying flesh.

Investigators discovered the burned human remains of Nelson’s daughter concealed inside a bag. The release stated that bone fragments were also found in the ashes inside Nelson’s fireplace.

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Nelson pleaded guilty on Wednesday, resulting in the cancellation of the trial dates scheduled for later this month. As part of her plea agreement, she will be unable to pursue any future appeals.

“Although we were fully prepared for a trial, this plea agreement spares Maha Li’s family from having to endure distressing and graphic testimony,” stated Chief Deputy DA Chris Gallo.

“The detectives from the Aurora Police Department swiftly dismantled the defendant’s narrative, leading to a rapid resolution of the case and ensuring justice for Maha Li’s family.”

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According to other officials, Nelson had alternative choices for Maha before ultimately deciding on murder as reported by PEOPLE.

“This mother knew about available adoption programs that could have cared for this 5-year-old but instead, she chose murder,” District Attorney John Kellner said. 

It is difficult to fathom the transformation that occurred within this mother, but the heinous nature of her crime warrants a lengthy prison sentence.

According to Senior Deputy DA Kathleen Tierney, parents have numerous resources and legal options available to them if they find themselves unable to care for their children.

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