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Mom and Dad Shot Dead by Son after Violent Altercation in Florida; Shot Dead by Deputies after Opening Fire at Cops

Mom and Dad Shot Dead by Son after Violent Altercation in Florida; Shot Dead by Deputies after Opening Fire at Cops

A tragic incident unfolded in Hillsborough County as a 19-year-old man unleashed gunfire on law enforcement officers after taking the lives of his own parents. The sheriff’s office has reported the devastating turn of events near Tampa.

Authorities were called to the 14000 block of Cactus Wren Place on Saturday night after receiving a distressing 911 call from the suspect’s mother, who reported that her husband had been shot. According to a news release, additional shots were heard while she was on the phone with the sheriff’s office.

According to the release, when deputies arrived, Christos Alexander was found in the front yard of the residence with his mother. After shooting his mother, Alexander proceeded to open fire on the deputies, leading to a swift response from five members of the sheriff’s office who returned fire.

As the authorities initiate a conversation with the mother, instructing her to approach them, they quickly spot the individual in question, the person of interest. A tragic incident unfolds as an individual commits a heinous act, shooting their own mother from behind.

During a news conference early Sunday, Sheriff Chad Chronister revealed that at that moment, he made the decision to engage in a gunfight with our deputy sheriffs.

A deputy was injured during the incident. The deputy involved is Deputy Shane McGough, a two-year veteran of the sheriff’s office, who was shot. During the conference, Chronister provided an update on McGough’s condition, stating that he had sustained a gunshot wound to his leg and was promptly transported to the hospital for medical attention.

After Alexander’s unfortunate incident, he managed to make his way back home, but tragically, he was discovered lifeless inside. The sheriff confirmed that he had succumbed to his injuries.

During the conference, Chronister mentioned that the sheriff’s office’s SWAT team had to physically enter the home to clear it. This was because the robot sent in to locate the suspect was unable to proceed due to an obstruction caused by the father’s body.

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In a statement, Chronister revealed the horrifying incident involving a creature that not only harmed a deputy but also tragically took the lives of its own parents. Our deputies swiftly responded to a tumultuous situation, fearlessly placing themselves in danger to safeguard our community. If it weren’t for the swift and adept actions of our deputy, an entire neighborhood would have been at risk.

As of Sunday morning, McGough’s condition was reported as stable with a broken leg, according to the sheriff’s office. It is worth noting that none of the five deputies involved in the shooting have a history of using deadly force.

An ongoing investigation is currently being led by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, as per the sheriff’s office policy, according to the release. The sheriff’s office has requested the assistance of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Crisis Negotiation teams, according to the release stated by ClickOrlando News.

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