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Mom and Boyfriend arrested after 4-year-old Dead from Malnourishment and Starvation in Missouri

Mom and Boyfriend arrested after 4-year-old Dead from Malnourishment and Starvation in Missouri

Fredericktown, MO: A 4-year-old kid from Missouri died from malnutrition and injuries that left him covered in bruises and lacerations. The boy’s mother and boyfriend are now facing prosecution.

According to court filings, the mother hurried the kid to Madison Medical Center in Fredericktown on February 27 after her boyfriend raced into the room with the child, who was unresponsive.

According to the Fredericktown police, the child passed away shortly after reaching the hospital. The police did not reveal what killed the infant.

Rylee Fararro, the child’s mother, and Hayden Rosener, her boyfriend, were both charged with two counts of child endangerment that led to the child’s death: neglect and endangerment. Possession of a controlled substance is another charge that Rosener is facing.

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The mother informed the authorities that the couple was addicted to opioids, and court records show that they frequently took drugs in the apartment where the child also resided. While Rosener was being booked, police discovered what they believed to be a bag of oxycodone.

According to the authorities, Rosener’s mother worked 60-hour weeks, leaving him as the main caregiver for the 4-year-old. According to Fararro’s account to the police, she had documented the child’s wounds because she thought her partner was abusing them.

Court records indicate that Fararro’s phone had “graphic photos” of the youngster with “various, severe facial and head wounds.”

According to court records, Rosener had previously advised her against bringing the child to the emergency room due to injuries.

Rosener allegedly informed the mother that her child’s symptoms of malnutrition were typical, as stated in court records.

According to court records, social services had noted Rosener’s violent tendencies and drug usage in the home in November. A caseworker had advised against leaving Rosener alone with the child.

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A $1 million bond is keeping Rosener in jail. Fararro is currently being held on a bond of $500,000.

Their upcoming court date is April 11 for both of them. From St. Louis, Fredericktown is approximately 90 miles south on the road.

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