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Missouri Mom found Kids with Severe Bruising at Day Care; Filed Lawsuit after Workers Dragged and Punched Her Non-Verbal Child

Missouri Mom found Kids with Severe Bruising at Day Care; Filed Lawsuit after Workers Dragged and Punched Her Non-Verbal Child

A Missouri lawsuit details a concerning incident where a mother was shocked to find her two children injured when she went to pick them up from daycare.

The mother noticed a knot on her nonverbal 4-year-old’s forehead and scratches scattered across his face. According to a lawsuit filed on June 10, she insisted on viewing the surveillance footage at A Brighter Future Childcare And Development Center in St. Louis.

The complaint stated that she was deeply affected by what she uncovered and is currently taking legal action against the daycare to seek compensation.

A caregiver was caught on video threatening and physically assaulting multiple children with a paint stirrer stick, as revealed in a lawsuit.

According to court documents, the abuse persisted throughout the children’s first day on March 6. According to the lawsuit, the mother’s 3-year-old girl was made to stand facing the wall for around 47 minutes, which is in violation of Missouri child care laws.

A lawsuit alleges that the young boy, who is nonverbal, was subjected to ongoing abuse by two caregivers throughout the day.

According to the complaint, the initial caregiver was observed “dragging” the child and, at one point, “slinging him to the ground.” The lawsuit alleges that the child was also struck in the head multiple times.

During nap time, a different caregiver was observed forcefully removing the cot from under the 4-year-old child, according to the lawsuit. A child was struck in the head by a cot.

According to the lawsuit, video footage captured the caregiver striking the nonverbal child several times in the face or head area with her hand.

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According to the court records, there were instances throughout the day when the caregivers left the room, resulting in unsupervised children and subsequent fights between them as per SacBee.

The day care’s treatment toward the two children is currently under investigation by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Office of Childhood, as stated in the lawsuit.

The allegations involving the young children were found to be true during the investigation, resulting in A Brighter Future being cited for 11 violations, as stated in the lawsuit.

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