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Mississippi Man Partially Dismembers Man and Took Body Parts to Casino to Reattach Body; Sentenced to Life for Alleged Murder

Mississippi Man Partially Dismembers Man and Took Body Parts to Casino to Reattach Body; Sentenced to Life for Alleged Murder

A man from Mississippi has confessed to the gruesome act of killing and dismembering another individual at an RV park laundromat last year. Shockingly, he revealed that his intention was to transport the victim’s body to a casino in order to have it reattached.

A man named Clint Barrett Brower, aged 45, has admitted to committing first-degree murder. The incident took place on May 26, 2020, at a laundromat in an RV park located in Biloxi, Mississippi. The victim, Micah Harrington, aged 41, lost his life in this tragic event.

According to the reports, Brower claimed that he was at the laundromat doing his laundry when the unfortunate incident with Harrington occurred. The two individuals were not acquainted with each other.

According to surveillance footage reviewed by authorities, Brower approached Harrington while the victim was doing his laundry. They had a brief conversation before Brower fatally stabbed him.

According to an autopsy cited by the outlet, Harrington was stabbed more than 30 times. Brower confessed to the crime during court proceedings.

Brower claimed to have no memory of the conversation, but he stated that he felt threatened by the victim and reacted by retrieving a large butcher knife from his bag and fatally injuring him.

Brower, who has a mental illness that was not disclosed in the published reports, proceeded to restrain Harrington with a rope and remove Harrington’s lifeless body from the laundromat. Brower’s intention was to transport the body to a casino, where he hoped someone would assist in restoring Harrington, according to prosecutors.

Michael Crosby, Brower’s attorney, has stated that this was a result of the seriousness of Brower’s mental illness.

During the court proceedings, Brower expressed his apologies to Micara Harrington, the daughter of the victim, before his sentencing, according to the outlet’s report.

“It’s absolutely insane.” “It’s not even human,” she remarked at the time. “He’s unlike anyone else.” He is truly a terrifying creature.

The RV park, where both Brower and the victim resided, was left in a state of shock.

“It’s simply a case where the system failed one person,” William Petty told the outlet,

“He required additional psychiatric assistance,” Petty added. “I think that’s the problem and he simply didn’t understand it.”

Brower has received a life sentence.

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