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Missing Pregnant Teen & Boyfriend Found Dead in Car; Bodies in Rotten Conditions

Missing Pregnant Teen & Boyfriend Found Dead in Car; Bodies in Rotten Conditions

San Antonio, Texas: Two dead bodies were discovered Tuesday night in a Kia car in San Antonio. One of the deceased was pregnant.

Officials in Texas have stated that they think they have located Samantha Soto, a pregnant teen who sparked a CLEAR alert after she did not show up for her scheduled induced labor last week.

Chief of the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD), William McManus, announced during a press conference on Tuesday that two bodies had been discovered inside a car and described the crime scene as “complex” and “perplexing.”

According to McManus, the bodies were discovered at a northwest Phoenix apartment complex in a Kia previously identified as being owned by Soto’s 22-year-old boyfriend Matthew Guerra.

He remained tight-lipped about the fate of the unborn child. He stated that this is just an anticipation and nothing is confirmed.

Although the cause of death was unclear, McManus stated that the victims had been inside the car for around three or four days before they were found.

Gloria Cardova, Soto’s mother posted on her social media account on December 23 about her missing daughter. Soto was 18 years old and was 9 months pregnant.

They were both seen alive at 2 pm on December 22 in the 6000 block of Grissom Road in Leon Valley, Texas.

Autopsy and other medical investigations will confirm the identities of the victims. The chief went on to say that a homicide investigation is being conducted by SAPD.

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