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Migrants express Dissatisfaction with Discriminatory treatment at Shelters in Chicago

Migrants express Dissatisfaction with Discriminatory treatment at Shelters in Chicago

Chicago, IL: City officials developed a comprehensive study indicating that 248 complaints were lodged by migrants residing in over 24 Chicago shelters over a recent six-month period.

Recent polling and travels by President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump to the U.S.-Mexico border indicate that illegal immigration is a prominent concern for Americans.

Although southern border crossings decreased by around 42% from December to January, major cities governed by Democrats are experiencing the impact of continuous migration.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, a Democrat, along with New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, both Democrats, are requesting increased financial aid from the federal government and the Biden administration to adequately accommodate the growing number of migrants entering their cities.

Between June 2023 and January 2024, refugees sleeping in over two dozen city-run shelters filed a total of 248 complaints, as reported in a nearly 500-page document obtained by Chicago NPR organization from the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

The report indicated that complaints ranged from racist comments to reservations regarding poor food quality and overall sanitation. Others expressed feeling akin to “incarcerated individuals.” Out of 261 complaints, 13 were duplicates.

A woman informed in Spanish that when she asked for a late-night glass of milk at a shelter, a staff member allegedly asked her to reveal her breasts before providing it.

The woman, residing at the Chicago Lake Shore Hotel on South Lake Shore Drive, stated that someone forced her to expose her private parts, leading her to recall past traumatic experiences of assault.

Another migrant expressed feeling discriminated against because of his sexual orientation. He mentioned that personnel allegedly tried to relocate him from a shelter called the Social Club in the Loop.

Another migrant at the same shelter said in Spanish: “A staff member mistreats all the residents.” She uses derogatory language against us and displays racial behavior.

Chicago has received 36,164 new immigrants from the southern border since August 31, 2022. 13,798 refugees have relocated, 12,068 are in shelters, and 4,635 arrived via airline requesting asylum since June 2023.

In January, lawsuits were filed by local U.S. citizens against the city of Chicago, alleging that their communities have been overwhelmed by migrants. They attribute this issue to President Joe Biden, rather than individuals like Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is popular in his home state but controversial elsewhere.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker recently revealed that taxpayers in Cook County, Illinois, will contribute an extra $70 million to support migrants arriving in the Chicago area. This funding is part of a collaborative effort to maintain shelter, support services, and healthcare for asylum seekers sent to the city.

Illinois is spending an anticipated $321 million this year to provide shelter and services for the increasing number of migrants, in addition to the funds already allocated.

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