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Miami Cops Shot a Man Several Times; Now the Victim will Plead Guilty after Real Story Surfaced as Why the Cops Shot Him

Miami Cops Shot a Man Several Times; Now the Victim will Plead Guilty after Real Story Surfaced as Why the Cops Shot Him

A man who was shot multiple times by Miami police last March is anticipated to enter a guilty plea for a misdemeanor charge.

During a hearing on Wednesday morning, attorney Larry Handfield, representing Donald Armstrong, emphasized the importance of resolving the case in order to provide his client with the necessary assistance.

Armstrong faced charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest without violence. Last month, they were charged with a single count of misdemeanor resisting arrest.

Armstrong is anticipated to admit guilt for a probation violation related to a misdemeanor charge of resisting without violence. The date for the plea has been scheduled for June 12th.

On March 7th, Armstrong was shot near the entrance of a home on Northwest 57th Street and 7th Court while holding what police described as a sharp object. Authorities responded to the residence after receiving a distress call from Armstrong’s mother regarding a mental health emergency.

A cellphone video recorded the encounter between him and the police, as well as the resulting shooting.

In the video, Armstrong firmly holds onto the screwdriver, refusing to let it go. Law enforcement officers employed Tasers to administer two electric shocks. As he collapsed, law enforcement officers fired at him.

Armstrong was struck by six bullets out of the nine that were fired.

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Armstrong’s lawyers have stated that the incident has resulted in him experiencing partial paralysis. They are optimistic that this plea will enable him to enroll in a treatment program.

The Police Department released the following statement after the incident:

“This incident has been an event that impacted our entire community. Transparency and accountability to our community will always remain our goal,” Morales said in the statement. “Communication is paramount to our communities, and we want to ensure all information we disseminate is accurate. The community needs to hear directly from me about the situation. We have two parallel investigations going. One by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, an outside agency that investigates all police-involved shootings, and a second by Miami PD. We are already in the process of our internal investigation regarding all actions taken. I pledge to ensure that our department does better in addressing calls involving mental and behavioral issues. I am asking all of us to pray for Mr. Armstrong and his family during this difficult time.”

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