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Melania Trump Likely Relieved as Donald Trump Faces Trial Clash Over Barron’s Graduation Attendance

Melania Trump Likely Relieved as Donald Trump Faces Trial Clash Over Barron’s Graduation Attendance

Melania Trump is probably glad that Donald Trump won’t be able to make it to Barron’s graduation, according to Cohen.

Melania Trump will probably be “extremely excited” that her husband, Donald Trump, might not be able to attend their son Barron’s graduation, according to Michael Cohen, a former Trump lawyer.

The former president requested permission to skip the following day, May 17, on Monday’s opening day of his criminal trial in New York, so that he could attend Barron’s high school graduation. The delay in Justice Juan Merchan’s decision has infuriated Trump’s “MAGA” supporters. Merchan serves on the New York State Supreme Court.

This trial marks the beginning of four separate criminal proceedings against the ex-president, who is expected to run for president this year as a Republican. Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford), an adult film star, was paid hush money, but he was acquitted on all thirty-four counts of falsifying company documents to conceal the payments.

Monday, Trump said on Truth Social that Merchan was “preventing me from proudly attending my son’s Graduation,” despite the fact that the decision regarding May 17th’s absence had not been finalized. Concerned about his son’s ability to attend his graduation ceremony, he wondered “who will explain” the situation to his 18-year-old son.

On Tuesday’s Political Beatdown podcast of Ben Meiselas, co-founder of the liberal anti-Trump group MeidasTouch, Cohen said that he didn’t believe Trump attended any of his other children’s graduations. Cohen was jailed for allegedly giving $130,000 to Clifford on Trump’s orders.

“I didn’t know that [Trump] went to any of the kids’ graduations,” the ex-Trump lawyer stated. He went on to say that Trump has previously shown little interest in Barron’s academic performance. Rather, he and Melania Trump had opted to enroll Barron in private schools in the Big Apple and the nation’s capital, he claimed.

I think it’s hilarious… His main concern, he stated, is that he would miss Barron’s graduation. He found this to be an insult. “I was in Otisville [federal prison] for things I had done at Donald Trump’s direction and for his benefit, so I missed my 25th anniversary and my wife’s 50th birthday.”

Melania would be overjoyed if her husband didn’t attend their son’s graduation, according to Cohen, who was Trump’s “fixer” from 2006 to 2018. Due to her relative absence from the Trump 2024 campaign trail, some have speculated that Melania’s relationship with the former president is becoming strained.

“I can almost feel Melania’s excitement knowing he won’t be there,” he remarked. “No need to worry; I won’t miss Barron’s graduation and I won’t cry over the fact that Trump can’t attend.”

More and more people are curious about the former president’s bond with Melania Trump as the 2024 election season progresses. Melania has reportedly seemed less than thrilled or even irritated on the occasions when the ex-couple has been spotted in public together.

Trump backers have shown their approval of the ex-president’s marital and familial life. For other conservatives, this week was all about telling him to “call his bluff” and disregard Merchan if he insists on holding the graduation. According to what Merchan informed Trump on Monday, he risks arrest if he fails to appear in court as scheduled.

Because no close relatives were present during the initial days of Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan, speculation began to circulate on social media this week that he had been “deserted” by his family. Some were confused about what was happening because of this.

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