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Meet Hotshot: Blind Horse Creating Histories

Meet Hotshot: Blind Horse Creating Histories

Gunnamakeacomeback is his official name, but everyone calls him Hotshot, and he truly is a hotshot at the OKC fairgrounds this year for the Reining Horse Futurity Competition.

Though he is a bit of a ham and loves attention, Hotshot’s story didn’t begin that way.
At just ten days old, his parents, who were both top-reining horses, witnessed something they never imagined and wanted.

“The vet said, I don’t know how much this colt means to you, but we have to get him up to a vet hospital because he’s got issues,” said Hartmann, Hotshot’s owner. It was found that the colt was septic. Surgery was performed to improve his condition. But after some time, the condition came up again, and surgery was performed again.
The doctors advise an oral antibiotic to be taken every eight hours for thirty days in a last-ditch attempt to save Hotshot’s life.

The antibiotics and the infection, both rendered Hotshot’s life in darkness as cataract snatches its vision.
Currently, Hotshot has 50% blindness in his left eye and 70% blindness in his right.

This year the team could not make up to the finals by just half a point. The Hartmanns are confident that Hotshot will return next year.

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