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Massive Gas Truck Fire Left 9 Firefighters Injured In Los Angeles

Massive Gas Truck Fire Left 9 Firefighters Injured In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA: A number of firefighters from the Los Angeles Fire Department sustained injuries following an explosion involving a natural gas truck in the Wilmington area on Thursday morning.

Nine firefighters were injured and have been transported to the hospital, with two currently in critical condition, according to authorities. The semi-truck driver emerged unharmed.

“The firefighters underwent evaluation for various injuries including burns, blast injuries, and inhalation injuries,” stated Dr. Molly Deane, a trauma surgeon at Harbor UCLA Medical Center.

A firefighter who was seriously injured needed to be intubated in order to receive oxygen for their lungs. They were then transferred to Los Angeles General Medical Center, which has a specialized Burn Center unit.

Young Street in Los Angeles was temporarily evacuated by the police, affecting approximately 75 residents who were asked to leave for a few hours. Authorities have stated that there are hazardous materials present in the vicinity and are currently evaluating the best course of action for their removal.

Firefighters were called to a semi-truck fire in the 1100 block of North Alameda Street near Henry Ford Avenue around 7 a.m. The semi-truck was powered by two 100-gallon tanks of compressed natural gas, rather than diesel fuel.

As crews approached the truck to extinguish the fire, unfortunately, one of the tanks unexpectedly exploded as a result of pressurized cylinders. An explosion occurred approximately six minutes after firefighters arrived at the scene.

According to Erik Scott, Los Angeles City Fire Captain, the second tank is not a cause for major concern as it is still releasing gas without exploding. An expert from the LAFD Hazard material team was present to ensure air safety, while firefighters established a 500-foot perimeter around the blast site.

Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Kristin Crowley addressed the media following her visit with the injured firefighters, expressing her lasting impression of the incident.

Crowley expressed her admiration for the bravery and dedication of the members, highlighting their selflessness and commitment to serving the people.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the explosion that occurred after a fire broke out in a semi-truck. The details surrounding the incident are currently unclear, and fire officials are working to determine what led to the fire and subsequent explosion.

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