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Massive Fentanyl Busted in Michigan; 41 kg of Fentanyl Seized with Cash and 1 Arrest as Police used Undercover Agent as Customer to track the Dealer

Massive Fentanyl Busted in Michigan; 41 kg of Fentanyl Seized with Cash and 1 Arrest as Police used Undercover Agent as Customer to track the Dealer

Detroit, MI: The officers in Detroit have discovered a huge stash of Fentanyl in Livonia. The authorities are claiming this to be the biggest drug bust in the state.

Following the seizure of over 90 pounds of fentanyl and over $150,000 from various locations in Metro Detroit, authorities apprehended a 55-year-old man.

A criminal complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan stating that in September 2023, following tips from a cooperative witness, Livonia police initiated an investigation into Barry Willis, a resident of Clinton Township.

The source informed the authorities that they had bought narcotics from Willis, who went by the name “Blue,” and that Willis was involved in the distribution and sale of heroin.

Willis was linked to a Citgo gas station on Livernois in Detroit, an address in Clinton Township, and an alleged stash house on Littlefield Street in Detroit, according to an affidavit from the Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force in Detroit.

The guy met with Willis in February 2024, with pre-recorded buy cash, to acquire heroin, according to a Livonia police officer. A Jeep Gladiator belonging to Willis was seen by investigators pulling up to the scene, and the person inside hopped into the front passenger seat. Willis was subsequently pursued by the investigators to the Littlefield site.

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Fentanyl was detected in a field test of the purchased heroin.

In March, the police scheduled a follow-up meeting between the suspect and Willis. While keeping tabs on the Littlefield site, investigators saw Willis get out of a Jeep Grand Cherokee and make a deal with someone in another car before finally meeting up with the cooperating witness.

The newly acquired product also tested positive for fentanyl in a field test.

Authorities trailed Willis from the Littlefield site to the gas station on Livernois and the residence in Clinton Township on a separate occasion. Another purported deal involving Willis and an unidentified guy was also discovered by the police.

At the Clinton Township facility on March 28, the DEA, Livonia and Clinton Township police, and others executed a narcotics search warrant. During the search, they seized a revolver, a platinum pendant, a gold chain, several watches, and $133,242.

The following items were confiscated from the Littlefield residence: 2.6 kg of cocaine, over 41 kg (90 lb) of fentanyl in pill and powder form, a firearm, packaging supplies for narcotics, scales, and $18,000. The house was being investigated by the Livonia and Michigan State Police. Police had pre-recorded monies sent to the cooperative individual, which was part of the money recovered.

The Citgo gas station on Livernois was the site of three firearms and a sum of $3,053.

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