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Massive Drug Bust in Georgia; Buckhead Police Busted Drugs with a Street Value of $2 Million

Massive Drug Bust in Georgia; Buckhead Police Busted Drugs with a Street Value of $2 Million

Buckhead, GA: The Buckhead Police Department made a massive drug bust. Deputies say that this is the biggest drug bust they have ever conducted.

Five hundred eighty pounds of marijuana were discovered in an apartment in Buckhead during a “extremely large marijuana bust” by the Narcotics Unit of the Atlanta Police Department.

The following items were confiscated by the officers: 59 pounds of mushrooms, 1,600 THC candy bars, 39.5 pounds of edibles, 2,604 THC vape pens, 100 “moonrocks,” a highly potent strain of marijuana, and sealed packets of weed, according to Lt. Robert Albertini of the Arizona State Police. The intoxicating ingredient in marijuana is known as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

According to Albertini, the search resulted in the seizure of almost $100,000 in cash and 22 bottles of cough syrup that contained codeine, a banned substance in Georiga. Two individuals have been taken into custody, but their identities are being suppressed as the inquiry progresses.

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According to Albertini, the pills are worth $2 million on the street.

According to Albertini, the AMLI 3464 apartment building is located at 3464 Roxboro Road, and earlier this month, the APD received a tip about a substantial amount of drugs being stashed in one of the units. On Wednesday, the property was searched according to a warrant

Although Albertini called the apartment a “classic stash house” for narcotics, there was also proof that sales were taking place there.

Albertini added that in order to promote the delicacies to high school and college students, they were wrapped inside Captain Crunch and other popular cereal bars.

“I can honestly say that this is the biggest marijuana bust that I have been a part of in the past five years,” Albertini exclaimed. An intake officer for properties reported not seen such a large quantity of marijuana in 35 years. This is clearly a major seizure.

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According to Albertini, drug-related violence is the root cause of crime in Buckhead, including homicides.

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