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Massage Parlor Closed For Running Prostitution in San Diego

Massage Parlor Closed For Running Prostitution in San Diego

San Diego, CA: The City of San Diego has recently announced its decision to take legal action against a massage parlor located in Kearny Mesa. The city is accusing the establishment of operating as a front for illegal activities, specifically prostitution.

The Ocean Spa Massage Parlor was situated in an office complex along Kearny Villa Road. As per the authorities, it functioned from two separate units. It was situated in close proximity to a youth Bible study group for a period of time.

According to authorities, certain unlawful activities at the location were causing significant disturbances, even interrupting the study group. Police, in collaboration with the San Diego City Attorney’s office, have discovered several findings as a result of their joint investigation.

According to authorities, employees at Ocean Spa were discovered engaging in illicit activities, specifically offering to exchange sexual services for money, during multiple encounters with undercover police officers.

According to online reports, authorities have discovered over 1200 advertisements promoting illicit activities at the massage parlor.

As per court documents, concerns regarding the business were raised as early as 2018. Some individuals expressed their concerns regarding the constant traffic, noise disturbances, and inappropriate attire of certain employees.

The SDPD reported dedicating 125 hours to investigating crimes related to prostitution at the property. Authorities have reported instances of illicit activities within the establishment and in vehicles in the parking area.

The ongoing criminal case involves the property owners and individuals responsible for running the business, as confirmed by SDPD.

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