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Marijuana Store Caught Fire in Downtown LA

Marijuana Store Caught Fire in Downtown LA

A legal cannabis dispensary close to downtown Los Angeles caught fire. Firefighters were dispatched quickly to the site, and the fire was quickly put out by the firefighters.

According to Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey, when firefighters arrived at 645 S. Imperial St. between Mateo Street and Santa Fe Avenue at 1:38 a.m., they discovered a fire deep within the 100-by-100-foot dispensary.

The firefighters extinguished the fire in about half an hour, and it took 40 fire personnel to knock out the blaze.

There were no injuries reported. The store suffered serious damage, and it will be closed for a while. The cause of the fire is not known. No employee was present in the store when the fire broke out.

It is suspected that a short circuit caused the fire. Authorities are looking into the matter.

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